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<span>A</span>n <span>I</span>nnovative <span>M</span>edia <span>b</span>y <span>IQ</span> <span>M</span>edia <span>& M</span>ulti <span>S</span>ervices <span>A</span>udio / <span>V</span>ideo <span>A</span>dvertisement <span>360</span> <span>D</span>egree <span>B</span>randing <span>E</span>vent <span>M</span>anagement <span>E</span>xpertise <span>I</span>n <span>O</span>utdoor <span>A</span>dvertising <span>T</span>otal <span>B</span>randing <span>S</span>olution <span>A</span>ll <span>T</span>ype <span>O</span>f <span>A</span>vdvertisement <span>T</span>otal <span>S</span>olution <span>F</span>or <span>R</span>ural <span>M</span>arketing <span>I</span>T <span>S</span>olutions <span>S</span>MS & <span>V</span>oice <span>C</span>all <span>S</span>olutions

"Welcome to IQ Media & Multi Services"

About IQ Media & Multi Services

We are a media consultant. "we are specialized in all type of marketing". We have tie up with auto rickshaws’. We do audio /video advertisement on auto rickshaws’ across 100 plus locations all over Pune by which you will get an effective exposure in cost effective way.

Along with audio/video advertisement we also came up with an innovative media which is total advertisements solution. We run all type of advertisements activities for all sectors, where we are closely working with many corporate clients.

It’s not only broadcasts high quality programs, but also gives you absolute and complete control of what you watch. Keeping in view the individual needs of viewers, IQ Media and MultiServices has launched a wide range of innovative media.

Our Clients Say:

  • " This is the best mediun to convey any message".
    Thank you."

    Mr. Pravin (EUREKA FORBES)
  • "It facilitates the reach between clients and the customers".

    Mr. Naidu (Mahasoft Technology)
  • "It is the ultimate media to bridge the gap between service provider and service utilisers."

    Mr. Nitin Bandekar (Emasion soft)
  • "It brings drastic innovation to the existing media "

    Mr. Milind patil R & M Trade Centre.
  • "Best practice ever seen in social era."

    Mr. Rahul Hinge (Pioneer Solutions)
  • "It fallows all corporate social responsibilities."

    Mr.Bhimrao Tapkir (MLA BJP)
  • "It plays both roles Social as well as ethical."

    Mrs. Sangeeta Tiwari (Congress Leader)
  • "Best reach within budget."

    Ms. Madhuritai Misal (MLA BJP)
  • "Innovation Bring not only to the media sector but to the entire phramework "

    Mr. Nana Dangad (NCP)

Latest News:

  • IQMM Ganpati Festival

    17th Sep, 2015
  • " IQMM Navratri Festival".

    13th Oct, 2015